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 Edison the Jolteon and Camille the Rattata

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Edison the Jolteon and Camille the Rattata Empty
PostSubject: Edison the Jolteon and Camille the Rattata   Edison the Jolteon and Camille the Rattata EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 9:42 pm

Name: Edison (Lord Farthington of DandervillelaneMcBridleton)
Species: Jolteon
Pokedex Number: 135
Gender: Male
Rank*: Normal Pokemon (Believes he is an explorer)
Team Name*: Team Warble
Ability**: Volt Absorb
Level***: 45
Moves: Swift, Thunder Fang, Pin Missile, Double Kick
History: Edison, born as an Eevee in a normal home in Rainfront town, was odd from the beginning. He had some strange idea that things that were not real.. Were real in his head. His parents, thoroughly concerned, tried going to various healing facilities thinking a Psychic Pokemon or something along those lines had messed with her brain. In truth Edison had just been dropped as an egg carelessly, but they never really noticed because the Chansey taking care of their egg hadn't told them. Edison was a crazy Eeevee, and soon told his parents he wanted to be a Jolteon. Fleet of foot, fast, agile, quite fancy, spikey, and elegant indeed. Edison was also convinced he was a shiny Pokemon, different in coloration, and special. He obviously had a special purpose in life that was to be fulfilled by being a shiny exploration team leader.

Eventually he left home from his house in Rainfront, and made his way into Pecha forest with the Thunderstone meant for when he was older. Throughout the time Edison spent in Pecha Forest, he became stronger and more paranoid to the world around him. He kept expecting some Pokemon to come for him, be it his parents or someone from Rainfront town trying to bring him back. But he assumed because he was a shiny Jolteon he would blend in with the foliage. Edison soon took time to travel into Grassveil, which he had discovered on his own 'clever nonsensical rambling journey' for tea on the occasion and took time to take some back home just so he could sit at the occasional tree stump and chat with invisible company.

On one fairly odd day, Edison met a Rattata named Camille. Edison immediately took a liking to the purple rat, calling her his best chum and companion for life. The Rattata, mildly creeped out, decided to go along with it instead of disagreeing with the Jolteon as he looked dangerous. Edison invited her for tea often, but never anymore more or less. They chatted and had the tea he would obtain along with the occasional berry snack. Edison often invites random Pokemon from town, as well as claims he is part of an adventure team. He would never harm an innocent Pokemon, but can get a little riled up at times when speaking about his random adventures he claims to have had in the past.

Other: Stormageddon
Edison is known to ramble and hoard random objects. And if a Pokemon is looking for something in particular, chances are he might have it in his little tree stump hovel he calls home. His "house" rests just on the outskirts of Pecha Forest near Grassveil town.

Name: Camille
Species: Rattata
Pokedex Number: 19
Gender: Female
Rank*: Normal Pokemon
Team Name*: Team Warble (Although she doesn't agree she is on the team, but goes with Edison regardless out of worry.)
Ability**: Guts
Level***: 27
Moves: Flame Wheel (Bred Move), Crunch, Thunderbolt (TM), Quick Attack
History: Camille came from a warm family. She never really had problems, and grew up along side her sister in a comfortable environment. But when her time came, she had to leave the nest like her sister did and traveled off on her own. Her sibling went towards Grassveil town with a friend while she traveled at a more casual pace. Camille wasn't entirely sure what she wanted to do, and took her time debating on where to go.

One fateful day though, she ran into a rather peculiar Jolteon roaming the forest. He had a few leaves stuck to his fur, which he claimed to be the residue of an epic battle with a Nidoqueen. He ushered her along with nudges to join him for tea, calling her his best friend and ally for life. Camille didn't refuse, seeing that although he was crazy, he was a powerful Pokemon just from the look of him and she'd have issues just trying to say no. Although Edison never formally invited her, he declared her part of his adventuring team, Team Warble. Camille decided she was stuck with the odd Jolteon named Edison for now, but derived amusement from him and his tales of epic battles. She decided to stick around with the Jolteon, after all they did go on their occasional missions and she was well off in the forest anyways.

She took her own resting spot nearby Edison, although hers was in the hole of a tree. She has her own set of food storage there as well as a used TM that taught her Thunderbolt she obtained from Edison.
Other: Stormageddon
Edison is convinced she is a shiny as well. Camille keeps in contact with her parents, and wants to keep in contact with her sister as well. She has a fondness for Pikachus and other rodents like herself and can be a flirt when it comes to talking to males she is interested in. Camille adores shiny things like Poke and evolution stones. She also refuses to evolve like her sibling.
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Edison the Jolteon and Camille the Rattata Empty
PostSubject: Re: Edison the Jolteon and Camille the Rattata   Edison the Jolteon and Camille the Rattata EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 10:04 pm


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Edison the Jolteon and Camille the Rattata
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