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 Czarina the Archen

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PostSubject: Czarina the Archen   Czarina the Archen EmptySat Mar 03, 2012 10:42 pm

Name: Czarina (Often nicknamed Zarzar, Rina, or Zari)
Species: Archen
Pokedex Number: 566
Gender: Female
Rank & Team Name*: Guild Member (Joining a team soon)
Ability**: Defeatist
Level***: 34
Moves: Ancient Power, Acrobatics, Dragon Breath, Bite (Egg move)
History: Czarina came from a line of ancient rulers, and takes incredibly pride in it. But a long time ago the kingdom was destroyed and they were rulers no more. Czarina was never born in their lands, nor was she officially considered royalty despite being the first born of her generation. She still takes pride in her lineage and often can be somewhat bratty. Eventually her family, poor and homeless made it to Grassveil town. Her father, an Aerodactyl, and mother, an Archeops, were permanently injured from fierce battles throughout their travels. This left her to find a way to raise money to support her family. Czarina holds no grudges against her family, they tried their hardest and now it is her turn to work hard. She decided to join the guild and join a team to do various missions and earn money to keep her family fed. Although the thought of going on adventures is exciting, her main goal is helping her family.
Other: Czarina can be a bit of a brat, at times, wanting to have her way when it comes to things. At the same time she can be incredibly generous and giving. Zari has a kind heart, it is just overshadowed by her desire to be a princessy ruler of sorts at times when certain scenarios come into play. She is completely set on finding a way to learn Dragon Tail, a famous move known among those of her family lineage.
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PostSubject: Re: Czarina the Archen   Czarina the Archen EmptySat Mar 03, 2012 10:45 pm

Approved. I have to say I've always loved Archen XD

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Czarina the Archen
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