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 Elijah's Father's Foosteps

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Elijah's Father's Foosteps Empty
PostSubject: Elijah's Father's Foosteps   Elijah's Father's Foosteps EmptyTue Dec 27, 2011 10:51 pm

[i]Heavily breathing his way to his Teacher is young Elijah...A Treecko in traning for his journey to find his lost father..."Teacher Wise(His a BLazeken) when am i able to do Look for him....My father?
''First said Wise. You need to make your auroa part of you...you need to learn patiend and how to follow orders.''.....''Sir i do,do that stuff everyday yet i dont see the point i think i should start now! said Elijah''
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Elijah's Father's Foosteps
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