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Rayne ran through the entire Grassveil Town. He had to get out of there. The angry kirlia kept using teleport near him. "Give me back my crystal!" she yelled. Rayne never took her crystal,'What did she mean?' Rayne thought to himself. He turned around and used water gun on the kirlia,then ran away back to his hidden home in the town. It was a decent place,it had warmth and comfort,but it was a bit filled with worms,considering that it is underground. He panted for a few seconds,then gave out a sigh of relief. The totodile,being hungry,looked in his bag. But in there was something he did not remember having. "A crystal?" he said to himself. "Could I have taken this without remembering?" he asked himself. He shrugged. "Well this is to pretty to give away," so he threw it in his chest. He felt guilty for not giving it back,but he can't help himself. It was already turning dark. He was running for the entire day. So he layed down,and went to sleep.
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