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 Lost in snow

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Voltz the pikachu

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Lost in snow Empty
PostSubject: Lost in snow   Lost in snow EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 10:02 pm

Voltz walked towards what he believed to be a way out of this place. Everywhere he walked there was more snow. He was starving and he is tired of walking around all day to get out.
"It's so freezing cold here, I should take a quick rest and snack," he said to himself. He took out his bag and started rummaging through it. "C'mon there has got to be something in here," he said before grabbing an apple put of his bag. "Well it's still fresh a little bit," so he ate the whole apple,being to hungry to notice tha he had eaten it all,he bit air. "Oh,oops,didn't mean to eat the whole thing," he sighed.
"How long have I been here? Two or three days?" he stood up and he brushed the snow off of him. He took out his bag and looked at the only food item he had left. A berry. Voltz sighed. Voltz's red cheeks sparked for a little bit,and a shock of energy came out. Voltz was aiming for the berry,of course, but being a bad ai, he accidently hit another pokemon.
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Lost in snow
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