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 The Pazzo Chronicles

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PostSubject: The Pazzo Chronicles   The Pazzo Chronicles EmptyFri May 10, 2013 1:50 am

Pazzo Chronicles:Introduction

Hi, my name is Calvino Pazzo (but you can just call me Cal, all my friends do), I am seventeen years old and... I'm a mafia boss. Well I'm going to be anyway, maybe, it's still up in the air, kinda... it's a long story. Lets see if I can sum it up, my dad, the parent who's from the mafia, had a bad relationship with his dad and they had a falling out, my dad moved to America, met my mom then I came into the picture, no mafia involvement what so ever.

Then about four or five years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and he turned his whole life around, contacted my father and made up with him, now my family is back in the mafia, and I am one of the people in line to take charge in a few years. My only competition is my one cousin Romeo, I have only met him once but I really don't like him, so don't mention him around me. To give me a fair chance, the family sent me a trainer to help get me prepared. His name is Calvin and his "official story" is that he is a college student renting out our spare room.

One of the first things I had to do to prepare for taking control of the family was to build my own family, and believe me that was not easy. I am required to have a total of fifteen trusted family members to take control with me, the Fifteen Pazzo Generals. Luckily, after a long time of searching I finally found all of them. Some were easy to find, like two kids that I go to school with, but others could not have been harder to find. One guy spent all of his free time hunting in the woods, it took me three days to find him in there, THREE DAYS, luckily it wasn't hard to convince him to join the family.
Now that I have my family built, we are all working and training together to better our skills so that we can be ready to take over the family when the time comes. We've all hit some bumps along the way, but nothing we couldn't handle.

One of my class assignments for creative writing was to start a journal to keep memories that we will want to remember ten years down the road. Now obviously I can't write about my adventures in the mafia but it got me thinking, these memories of when we are all training have been really great and I want to make sure I remember all of them. So I asked my friends to tell me their favorite stories of being in the family, and now your about to here what I've come up with. It's time for you to meet my Pazzo Generals.
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PostSubject: Re: The Pazzo Chronicles   The Pazzo Chronicles EmptyTue May 14, 2013 3:01 am

Pazzo Chronicles Story 1: Team 3-A Prom Night to Remember
Chapter 1: A Day in the Life of a Maelstrom

It's the same thing every time.

The pure silence that you create as you block out all distractions, with the occasional chant breaking through. All the while, your ears trained on the two most important lines. Just then they pierce your ears, "Runners, on your mark," and you take the first step forward. "Go," and a gun shot pierces your ears, and you go.

My name, is Eric Ristan, I'm your average high school senior. I enjoy running,-- that's actually where I am right now at a track meet running in the 200 meter dash, it's not a big meet, just a few schools-- but anyway, I went a tangent, that happens sometimes, let me know if it happens again. So, where was I? Oh right, I enjoy running, I'm pretty good at school, A's and B's nothing special, I have an amazing girlfriend, Elizabeth, and I enjoy hanging out with my friends. And like other high school students, I have a few secrets, but my secrets are a bit bigger then most other teenagers secrets. I don't do drugs and hide them from my parents, I don't cheat or steal, I don't hide porn from my girlfriend. I'm in the mafia, that's right, you heard me, the mafia. And this is my friends and my story.


As I cross the finish line I give the visiting coaches my name and they put me down for second place. I could have beaten the other guy, but I got distracted-- thanks for that.

As I walked across the track to the stands I heard someone shout my name, "Hey Eric, nice run man." I look over my should as my friends Kyle and Joseph hop the small fence and walk into the teams rest area. "Yea seriously dude, that was a nice kick at the end," Joe said as he came up to me and gave me a high-five.

"Haha thanks man," I said, "I could have done better but for some reason I blanked out. Coach is probably going to yell at me tomorrow." I grabbed a water bottle from one of the nearby coolers and start draining it for every drop it has, it's an extremely hot day outside.

"Dude losing focus should not be an excuse for you," Kyle said, "You could just use your 'Power Dash' or whatever you call it and leave everyone in the dust." he said. Oh yea, I forget to mention, Kyle and Joe are part of the mafia too, you'll be learning more about them later when it's their turn to tell the story. "And then if they called you out on cheating or started asking questions you could--"

"Liz alert, act natural," Joe said quickly.

"Hey baby congratulations on the race," Liz said as she came up and wrapped her arms around me. And one more thing, Liz does not know about my involvement with the mafia, so don't mention it her. "Sorry you didn't get first."

"Eh it's fine," I said, "There'll be other races." I gave her a kissed and turned back to Joe and Kyle. Dropping mafia talk whenever one of us saw Elizabeth coming has become some such a common thing that we do it without a challenge now. As Liz and Joe started to talk about a magic trick he had showed her early today I looked around and saw a runner from another school that I talk to a lot. "Hey Liz, do you mind going and getting my jacket and bag for me?" I asked.

"Yea sure, where it is?" she asked.

"Um... I don't remember," I lied, it was underneath the tent nearby but I needed to get rid of her for a bit.

Liz rolled her eyes and let her arm go from around my waist, "That's helpful," she said as she left to go look for it. I watched her walk off, luckily in the opposite direction, and then someone hit me hard on my left shoulder.

I turned back around and saw Joe and Kyle giving me annoyed looks, "Okay remind me to punch who ever hit me, I need these arms dude I got kendo practice tomorrow." I said.

"Dude, you have got to tell Elizabeth about the family," Kyle said, "You can't hind it from her forever, she's going to figure it out."

"Yea yea whatever, I'll tell her soon." I said, "But with prom coming up and everything, it'll have to wait." That runner from the other school came up and I decided to change the subject. "Hey Richard, how's it going?" I asked.

"Pretty good," he said, "nice race man, you should have gotten that guy on that kick. How's it going with you guys?" this is Richard, he's in the mafia too, but he's part of a different story so you'll learn more about him later.

"Things could be better," Kyle said, "We're trying to convince Eric to tell Elizabeth about the mafia and all, but we can't convince him. Mind helping us out? He's being a real wuss about it."

I looked at Kyle with an annoyed look, "Dude, I'm right here," I said, "Richard, please tell them that it's not weak for me to be scared about telling my girlfriend about my involvement in a mafia family."

Richard moved his eyes from me to Kyle and Joe, "Sorry guys, but I'm on the Dragon's side on this one," he said, "It's not easy telling someone about being in the mafia; so far only Juliet has told somone outside the mafia. And on a completely unrelated note, any of you guys going to that party Josh is DJing at?" he asked us.

"Nah I can't," I said, "I'm having dinner with Liz's family that night."

"I would if I could but I have to work," Joe said, "I haven't gotten many shifts lately so I need to try and get as many as I want."

Kyle decided to be blunt as always and said, "I just don't want too. Speaking of, I'm already getting a bit bored right now, so I'm going home." He started to walk off towards the parking lot then he turned around on his heels and pointed at me and Joe, "We're still on for shots tonight right?" he asked.

Joe just gave him a look as if he was saying, 'Are you serious?' then said, "Of course we are, see ya then." he said. Kyle then continued on his way towards the parking lot.

Richard looked at Joe and I with a confused look, "Shots? I thought none of us in the family drank," he said.

It was true, no one in the family did drink alcohol. "Not alcohol shots," I said, "Vanilla, it's a tradition that we've had since we were kids and first tried vanilla thinking that it was liquid vanilla ice cream."

Joe chuckled as he recalled the memory, "3rd grade was a crazy year," he said.

Richard laughed quitely and then took a look at his watch, "That sounds like fun but I gotta go and collapse my teams tent." He patted me on the should and gave Joe a fist bump then started walking off. As Joe and I started to turn away he shouted, "And Eric, keep running. Then one day you might be able to not lose so badly to me." he joked.

I put my hands up to my mouth to increase the volume of my shout, "One day I will beat you!" I shouted. I lauged as I turned around and saw Liz standing right in front of me, with my jacket in her arms, "Hey cool you found it," I said.

She looked at me with a annoyed look, "It was underneath the cover you idiot." She then shoved it into my arms. "And if you don't mind I'm going to try and leave now before the parking lot gets any more chaotic," she said.

"Alright thats fine, I'll see you Saturday," I said. She then gave me a quick kiss and started to walk off, before she was out of ear shot I said, "I love you," and she responded with the same words and then went to her car.

"You know what I'm going to go too man," Joe said, "I'll see you later tonight for shots," and he then went in the other direction towards his car, he liked to use the restaurant behind the school's parking lot as a place for his car, less chaotic he thought.

"Yea see ya then," I said. I then moved my stiff body over towards my bag and started to put my things together.

By now your probably thinking, 'I thought you said your in the mafia, where's all the action?' Well I'm getting to that, there's a lot you need to learn before you get to see all of the action thats going to take place. Being in the mafia isn't all action and adventure, there are times of peace as well.
//End Chapter 1\\

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PostSubject: Re: The Pazzo Chronicles   The Pazzo Chronicles EmptyFri May 17, 2013 6:10 pm

Pazzo Chronicles Story 1: Team 3-A Prom Night to Remember
Chapter 2: The Brilliance of a Solar Flare

As I was carrying the bag grocery bag I brought from my house, I walked up the steps of the back stairwell of the local train station. I reached the door and tried to open it with my free hand but it wouldn't budge, "What the heck, how does this door constantly re-rust every week." I said to myself. I bent down and placed the bag on a step so that I wouldn't hit it with my foot and spill the contents. I then turned the door knob so that it was in a position where the door could be kicked open, I placed my hands on the railings and kicked the door with as much force as I could provide without being enhanced, and luckily the door swung open.

I walked out onto the open roof and walked to the side of the building that was facing the sunset. I pulled out the vanilla and put the three shot glasses on the ledge and waited for Joe and Eric to show up, normally they would arrive together since they were neighbors and would drive down together. I used to live in the same neighborhood as them but during our freshmen year of high school my family moved to another bigger neighborhood, I'm not that far away so I still get to hang out with Joe and Eric whenever I want, but it would still be nice to be a bit closer.

As I looked around at the buildings in the evening glow, I couldn't help but look away from the sunlight and look at the roof around me. I looked at the large dome skylight that took up the center of the train station and as I kept looking around I noticed some UPS boxes just sitting in a pile, probably from some employees who snuck up here to get a smoke.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a rolled up assortment of acupuncture needles and pulled one out of its slot. I held it in my hand so that I could throw it with my best accuracy and power, I then threw it at the UPS box, aiming for the hole inside the letter P of the logo. I missed, but only by a little, I managed to hit the letter P, just not its hole.

As I made my way over to retrieve my needle, I heard Eric and Joe walking up the stairs. "Dude your the runner in our group of friends, why are you complaining about climbing the stairs?" Joe asked Eric.

As I pulled my needle out of the box they had reached the top of the stairs, "I had a freaking track meet today," Eric said, "I'm allowed to complain about my legs being tired and/or sore." As they walked their way over to the ledge Eric looked at me, "Kyle, tell him that I'm allowed to complain about my legs being in pain every once in awhile."

As I walked to meet them by the ledge I held up the needle that was in my hand so that it gleamed in the sunset, "You know my response to whenever somebody complains about pain." I said.

Eric just stared at the needle and his face went stone cold, not out of fear, primarily annoyance. The guys were used too, if not sick of my constant jokes and comments on accupuncture. Eric simply said, "Fine I'll shut up," and then leaned on the ledge and looked out at the sunset.

Joe pulled out the bottle of vanilla and placed down the shot glasses then started to pour. "Alright guys, ignoring pain, ignoring fighting, you guys ready for the first round of shots?" he asked. Once he was finished pouring the drinks he placed the bottle down and placed his hand on one of the shot glasses.

"Can't ignore the pain," Eric said, "that's why I need the shots, to fight through it." He joked as he grabbed his own glass.

"I keep telling you, if you want to fight the pain, I can help you with it," I said as I grabbed my glass. I picked it up and looked at Joe and Eric, "You ready?" I asked. They both nodded, "Alright. One. Two. Three." Once I said three we all took the shots and slammed our glasses on the ledge. I shook my head as I tried to adjust to the taste, "Why do we keep doing this?" I asked.

Eric shook his head as he reacted to the vanilla, "Because it's the one thing in our lives that's been constant," he said, "Through break-ups, Joe moving, even Cal approaching all of us to join his family... Vanilla shots have always kept us together." He grabbed the bottle of vanilla and poured himself another shot.

I chuckled when I thought back to the day we each revealed that we had been approached by Cal to join the family, I'm sure that knowing we each had the opportunity to join convinced us to actually join. "I know I'm not normally the nostalgic type," I said as I grabbed the bottle from Eric, "but it's pretty heavy, when you think about how a year ago, we didn't know who Cal, or any one in the family was besides Richard, but that was only from the occasional cross country or track team... Heck I didn't know how to fight, and Joe couldn't even use actual illusions... And now we're more powerful than professional hitman..." I hadn't even drank my second shot before Joe started talking.

He started talking without looking away from the sunset, "It's gets even heavier when you realize that we won't be able to do this forever," he said. "In just a few months we, all of us the family, will be going off to college... And I know that we all will still be in contact and see each other a lot because of family business, but it won't be the same. We won't be hanging out every other week at someone's house, the three of us won't be doing vanilla shots every week... We won't be---"

"Okay now I'm going to stop you right there," Eric interrupted, "It's not your job to the serious one, it's mine. Kyle's job is to start conversations and make sure their fun, and your job is to relieve the stressful situation by showing us a new animal or new magic trick. Okay?" He took a quick second to take his second shot, he shook his head a bit then continued talking, "But you know what, your right, things will change but there are things that won't change, we will always be Team Three, and we will always be best friends. That, I can guarantee  will never change."

While Eric was talking I took my own second shot and looked over the edge toward the city. The sun was setting fast, so we probably wouldn't be staying much longer. We started late so we couldn't get many shots in.

"And you know what," Eric said, "Pour yourselves one last glass, I want to propose a toast." Eric poured three more shots for us to take. Once they were poured we each grabbed our glass and Eric held his out over the ledge towards the sunset, "Here is to us always remaining family, always remaining friends, and to always coming back here whenever we have the opportunity, even continuing our tradition twenty years down the road, when your a doctor," he said looking at me, "and when your a magician," he said turning to Joe, "Or when we are in whatever career we end up in to help the family."

"Here, here" Joe and I said. We all clanked our glasses and took our last shots for the night. "Alright then, since it's apparently my job to start conversations," I said, "Can you guys believe that Mr. Hines is going to become a vice-principal next year? I am so glad we are graduating." We continued to talk about school work and how things are changing for about half an hour before we decided to head back to our houses.

Okay so I guess my own first part of Team Three's story wasn't as eventful as Eric's. But don't worry, Joe's will have a bit more action. And hey you did get to learn a bit about our past, how the family hasn't been together for more then a year, or how we each were approached separately, and how I didn't even know how to fight before joining the family (keep that in mind when you read about me fighting in the future).
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PostSubject: Re: The Pazzo Chronicles   The Pazzo Chronicles EmptySat Aug 03, 2013 1:14 pm

Pazzo Chronicles Story 1: Team 3- A Prom Night to Remember
Chapter 3: The Magic of an Aurora

So by now you've heard two parts of the beginning of the story from Eric and Kyle, and you've learned a little bit about us. Now you will get a little bit more information, but this time you will get to see some action, and mainly how illusion users do their work. This part of the story takes place the morning after our vanilla shots, so the night of Josh's party we were all invited too, and Eric's dinner with Elizabeth. So sit back, and enjoy the story.

"Okay, and here is your receipt," I said as I handed a cute ginger the receipt to the gift she just bought. "And hey, if your brother has trouble with any of the magic tricks in the kit, you could stop by or give me a call and I could give him some tips."

"Thanks," she said with a smile, "I just might take you up on that offer." She grabbed her bag and left the magic shop. As she walked out, Liz, Eric's girlfriend, walked in. She turned and looked at the girl as she walked past.

"She was cute," she said as she walked up to the counter, "You get her number?" She asked with a small smirk on her face.

"No," I said, "But she has mine and she seemed interested, and you know the ladies can't resist guys like me." And it's true, most girls can't resist magicians, I'm sure that they can't resist mobsters either, but I have yet to try that pick up line.

"That might be true, but I have known you since I moved here in eighth grade," she said as she looked at the magic tricks behind the counter, "And I know that you don't just date around, your looking for a long term relationship, something like what Eric and I have."

I hate it when she brings that up so I pointed at her accusingly, "Hey, we agreed that you wouldn't bring that up," I said, "And the main reason that you and Eric are together is because I convinced him to ask you out sophomore year." And it's a good thing Eric is a good actor and lier because after being together for almost two years, it's pretty hard for him to hide the mafia from her.

"Well he would have asked me out eventually," she said, "And don't worry, one day you'll find someone that you can share everything with." She said with a smile.

Without thinking I said, "Yea and maybe Eric will too," I said under my breath. As soon as I said it my eyes opened wide and I mouthed "Sh*t" and turned away from Elizabeth hoping she hadn't heard me.

"Wait what do you mean?" She asked, "Eric doesn't keep anything from me... Does he?"

"No, no," I said, "You've known Eric for three years," I turned and leaned on the counter in front of her, "You know that he's an open book." Since I'm a magician I'm pretty good at lying, but Elizabeth is pretty good at catching lies, that's why Kyle isn't allowed to mention anything remotely related to the family around her, because he is the most likely to spill the beans.

Elizabeth gave me a suspicious look, she definitely wasn't fully believing my story, but it seemed to do for now, "Alright... I'll just ask Eric tonight at dinner," she said. When she mentioned her dinner with Eric tonight I wanted to say "Sh*t" again, I had forgotten about it, even though it was Eric's reason for not going to the party tonight. Elizabeth then turned around and started to leave the store, "See you later lover-boy." She waved as she walked out.

When she left I went back to doing inventory for the shop. Time went on and for the most part the morning was uneventful, then my boss came out of the back room and said, "Hey Joe why don't you clock out early today, seems like it should be slow for a few more hours till Georgia comes in for her shift."

I looked at my watch and it was about eleven o'clock, I had been working for almost five hours and could use some food, "Alright sounds good, maybe I can get something to eat before most of lines get to long." I went behind the counter to clock out and start putting my stuff into my bag.

"So do you have any plans for tonight?" He asked as he came behind the counter with me.

I pulled out my phone and pulled out my calendar, "Well my friend is DJing at this party tonight, I might try and make it for the past half hour or so." Once I lacked up my bag I started to leave, "Alright then, see ya."

"Yup see ya," he said.

As I left the mall I pulled out my phone and put in my headphones and decided to call Josh and let him know that I might be coming to the party. It rang for a bit and it went to his answering machine, "Hey Josh it's the Aurora, I just wanted to let you know that I might be coming to that party tonight, so let whoever you have  to know to let me in." Then I hung up and continued walking in my aimless direction.

Some of us like to refer to each other by our family titles, so whenever leaving a message on someone's phone I sign on off as "The Aurora" just for fun.

As I was walking I saw some guy sitting on the side of a building stare at this one women who was walking by her. He stood and started to follow her, I thought it was a bit weird so I started to follow him as well and keep my eyes on him.

Our generation of the Pazzo are a bit different then other people in the mafia, we think of ourselves as more of vigilantes then mafiosos. So if we see something going wrong then we will take action, and that's what I'm doing here, following a hunch.

The women that the guy was following put her phone into her purse and that's when the guy jumped into action. He sprinted forward and hit the women, stealing her purse, and then he kept on running.

I shouted "HEY!" and then started to chase after the guy. When I shouted he turned to look at me, his eyes got wide when he realized he was being followed. He then turned away and started to run even faster to try and get away from me. While I was chasing I thought, "I really need to work on my physical skills." I continued to chase after the guy as he turned left into an alley.

I followed him down the alley and barely saw him open up a metal door and he slammed it shut before I could reach it. I slowed down and just looked at door, my breaking and entering skills aren't the best, but they are good enough. I pull out two pieces of small square origami paper and rolled them into two pins and then used my thunder flames to harden them into being as strong as steal. When I am in my normal state, it's difficult to solidify large origami creations, so I stick with small animals, that's why I need people around so that illusions actually have some effect. I put the needles into the lock and eventually it came open.

I opened the door and it was a small first room that had a stairwell going to a higher floor. The room reeked  of cigarettes and I had to cover my mouth and nose with my shirt for a second in order to adjust to the smell. After a few breaths I was able to at least tolerate the smell of the building. I started to make my way quietly up the stairwell, I walked up into a large dusty room. But before I could even look around and check all of my surroundings I heard the click of a bullet sliding into the chamber of a gun.

"Don't move," the thug said, "Or I'll shoot..." he was shifting his weight, his hand was slightly shaking, and his voice was shaking a little more. I looked at him at him with a look of disbelief.

"I think we both know that you won't do that," I said, "Or else you would have already done it." I turned to face him and kept my face as calm as I possibly could, even though having a gun pointed at me makes me nervous. "I've learned a lot about profiling in my recent lessons, and just about everything you have done so far has indicated you don't want to kill or hurt anyone. You started by simply bumping into that women and grabbing her bag, instead of trying to corner her and get more out of her with that gun you have. Second, when you saw me, you ran faster and tried to reach here, rather then corner me in any other of the alleys we passed on the way. Third, you tried to lock me out, hoping I would just walk away and leave you alone. Fourth, you didn't try to shoot me when I was climbing the staircase, when I would of had no where to hide. And finally, you could have shot me when I got to the top of the stairs, or now when I'm talking on and on. All of these show me that you are unwilling or un-capable to pull the trigger. So why don't you just put the gun down and lets just talk. I really don't feel like getting into a gun fight." All that I told him was the truth, and hopefully he would take to my logic and just put the gun down.

The thief stood and looked at me with a look of amazement, I could tell he was surprised by my logic, and that meant I was probably right about most of the assumptions I had made. He shifted his stance and pointed the gun a little closer towards me, "Okay look man," he said, "I don't want to shoot you." He paused as if to think of what he was going to say or maybe to recollect himself, "But I will if I have too, so why don't you just leave," he took another deep breath, "and nobody will get hurt."

"Look man," I said as I put up my hands to show that I wasn't holding anything. "You don't want to start a fight with me. I'm a master at origami," I said with a smirk.

The thief was obviously confused and looked at me with an inquisitive face. "Origami?" he asked. "You mean like," he put his free hand up to the side of his hand and waved it in circles to try and jog his memory, "like that Chinese paper folding thing where they make animals and stuff?"

"Yea that's it," I said with a smile, "but you see, my origami is a level above the rest." I then started to work my magic on this guy. I can't really tell you how illusions work, if it was easy to describe then a lot more people could do it. The most basic description I can get is to use your brain power to influence other people five senses, hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch, and manipulating how they experience them. I started my magic by turning the barrel of his gun into square pieces of paper and have them fly apart, and then that started to spread to the rest of his gun. As the pieces of paper flew around, they started to come towards my hand and reform into the thieves gun. As soon as the last piece of paper folded itself into place, I gripped the gun and then pointed it at the thief, "You see what I mean?" I said.

The thief's eyes got extremely wide and his pupils dilated excessively as he tried to take him the illusion that he just saw. His legs gave way and he fell to the ground. He tried to scoot away on all fours and try and get away from me. His mouth opened up as he tried to form words, but he was in too much shock to speak. I walked closer to him and crouched down so that I was a little closer to him. "So what's your name friend?" I asked him, as I looked at the gun.

"Its uh," he still had trouble forming words, "Nick..."

"Nick..." I said with a smile, "I have a friend named Nick. He's a good guy, and I know you are too deep down." I took the bullets out of the gun, "Now Nick, I don't like violence or guns, both of them are pretty ugly. So I'm going to take this, and dispose of it. And I want you... to go get a job, whether its working at a gas station, or where ever, just somewhere that you can start over and make some money. And I want you to start making an honest living, because if you don't... I have a lot of friends who have skills just as good as mine, but theirs are a lot more harmful." I stopped looking at the gun and then turned to look at Nick, "I know you can do it Nick, and that's because everybody deserves a second chance." I put the bullets back into the gun and slipped it into my backpack. "Now if you don't mind, I have some things to take care of," I said as I stood up and started too leave, "If this place belongs to you then make sure to lock up when leave." I grabbed the woman's purse and walked down the stairs.

When I stepped outside I covered my eyes from the sunlight, it was amazing how dark the inside of that building was. I walked towards the main road and started in the direction I had came from as I passed the woman who was busy talking to the cop I dropped the purse at her feet and kept walking. Once I was at the next street I crossed the road and started heading in my original direction from before Nick stole that woman's purse; I crossed the road because there was no need to get involved with the cops and their "investigation."

I pulled out my phone and called the contact labeled 'Tornado" Once he picked up I said, "Hey Nick it's the Aurora. Through a short series of events I have come into contact with an object that fits into your area of expertise, is there any time that I could come drop off with you?" I paused as I heard his explanation, " Alright sure not a problem, I'll see you Monday.

Okay so that's the end of my first part of the story. And now that I've told it, I have to apologize on the fact that we might have exaggerated the action that took place when telling you to wait for my story; but hey, it's more action then you guys have seen so far in the story. And like I said, sorry for not being able to explain to you guys in more detail how I make my illusions, after I learned how to do it the ability just kind of happens. And anyway, the story I told is kind of how we work as a family, we work as Vigilantes doing what we believe is right. And don't worry, the skills you saw were only the tip of the iceberg, for all of us, you can expect to see a lot of action by the end of this story.
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Pazzo Chronicles Story 1: Team 3- A Prom Night to Remember
Chapter 4: The Sleeping Dragon

Hey there, its Eric again.  In the next part of our story you’re going to get to meet my kendo sensei (sorry, no action still), as well as get to see me stress my ass off as Elizabeth starts to ask me if I am keeping any secrets from her. This might not seem like it, but it is relevant to our story so I suggest you read all of it. Now if you would be so kind to sit back and be patient, the action will be arriving soon.

As I pulled up to my sensei’s house I put my car into park and waited for the dust to settle before getting out of the car. For some reason my sensei never really got an actual paved drive way, it was always just a long dirt road off of some side road that almost nobody used. And this may make it seem like he is some kind of Mr. Miyagi, lives in a shack with a garden in the back and what seems to be like no form of technology, but it’s actually the opposite. He lives in a moderately sized house that looks like its from medieval Japan on the outside, but on the inside it is very modern, he has hardwood and carpet floors, flat screen TVs, and a phone in every other room (but that’s primarily because there is no cell service where he lives). The only parts of his house that seem to go along with the exterior are his garden and dojo.

I stepped out of my car and made sure I had the check I had stopped by to give him and the keys to get inside. I’ve been my sensei’s only student for about five years, and about two years ago he gave me a key to his house so that I wouldn’t have to wait for him to come to the front door to let me in. I went up to the door and once I had opened it placed the key into the only zipper pocket on my pants, he charged me for each key I lost and this was my fifth key so I took precautions to not lose it. “Jason-sensei  I’m here!” I shouted as I closed the door.

I didn’t hear any response so I decided I would head to the kitchen on my way to the garden and dojo, Mouken-sensei (Mouken means savage dog) would usually be in one of those three areas if there weren’t any sporting events on, and I couldn’t hear the TV so I assumed he wasn’t watching it. I walked into the kitchen and saw that the lights were still on, which was rare because the room had enough windows that it was naturally lit and you normally didn't need lights in the middle of the day.

I didn't see Mouken-sensei but I could see that he had set out wine glass and an unopened wine bottle on the table in the middle of the kitchen. The fact that they were just sitting out and weren't open weren't a good sign, that meant that something had distracted Mouken-sensei, or he changed his mind and decided to drink sake, which is even worse because he was not allowed to drink that before five o'clock, and it was only three thirty. I picked up the wine bottle and placed it underneath the table with all of the other bottles, then placed the wine class in the cabinet with all of his other glasses. I then started to make my way towards the garden in the middle of the house, on my way out of the kitchen I shut off the lights so that they weren't consuming any power, Mouken-sensei has solar panels, but its still smart to conserve energy whenever possible.

Mouken-sensei's house is like a large square that's hollowed out in the middle, which is where his garden is held. The garden is very large and very colorful, with a varied assortment of colorful flowers and plants. There is a small corner where he has a collection of bonsai trees that just let's grow on there own, the ones that he trims and care for are inside of his dojo. The pathways are small pebble pathways for the most part, the only exception being the small wooden bridge that crosses over his koi pond, which I'm pretty sure has never actually had more then one koi in it at a time.

I saw Mouken-sensei sitting outside of the dojo facing the garden, with an opened bottle of sake sitting next to him. I let out a small sigh because I was right about the fact he left the wine bottle out was a bad sign, we he starts drinking sake there is no stopping him, and he gets kind of relentless, if he ever started drinking sake during one of my lessons it usually meant that the lesson was over. I walked over to Mouken-sensei cautiously and held up my hands to show that I meant no harm, and no, I am not exajerating how necessary this is. "Jason-sensei, you promised me that you would not start drinking until at least five o'clock in the evening," I said as I approached him.

"Well I haven't had much to drink yet," he said as he picked up the bottle, "so it is fine."

I looked at him with a look of slight annoyance, "You know that that excuse is no longer valid, due to the fact that its the only excuse you ever give." As I got closer I pulled the check out of my pocket and placed it in front of him, "But I am having dinner with Elizabeth and her family tonight so I don't hav time to scold you on drinking habits." Once I placed down the check I turned around and started to leave, "see you on Monday for class"

Before I had even made it to the wooden bridge Mouken-sensei started to say, "Don't forget Eric, a sleeping dragon--"

I finished the phrase before he could, "carries the most rage. I know, I know." Mouken-sensei would always say things like that, but I never really understood what that meant. He has other similar sayings, all about different types of dragons, but I don have the slightest understanding of what any of them mean. I started to leave and make my way towards Elizabeth's house, and that's where things started to get complicated for me.

———————Time-skip to the middle of dinner with Elizabeth's family—————————

"Well its not my fault that I always walk into walls," Elizabeth said, explaining herself at the dinner table. She would always walk into things like tables or walls, she just wouldn't be paying attention, "You guys always say I inherited it from mom so I'm blaming her." She finished he statement by pointing a joking look at her mom as she took a sip from her glass. Elizabeth's mom owns her own small business and is very determined but is also very clumsy, Elizabeth isn't lying when she says that she inherits her clumsiness from her mother. Elizabeth also looks a lot like her mother, they both have medium length dirty blond hair, but her mothers is a little bit longer then Elizabeth's.

"Well that might be true Liz," her dad said, "But your grandmother and aunt on my side did the same thing so my genetics contributed to it as well, even if it is only a smaller portion of the cause," he chuckled. When he had finsihed talking Elizabeth's mother had hit his arm, not too hard but hard enough, she was stronger then she looked (I heard she used to be a goalie in lacrosse). As for Elizabeth's father, he was tall and had a runners build, strong legs, skinny body but still muscular. Most of their money came from him, he was an actuary which is a type of financial analyst, he did a lot of work in insurance, he's explained the concepts of what he does a few times, but I won't bore you with the details. "So Eric, what are your plans for the summer? You going to be working at all before you go off to college?" He asked.

Once I had swallowed my food I started to answer his question, "Well I was going to apply for a summer job but then I realized that I'm going to be away too much for any place to hire me. Between your guys vacation to the beach that I'm tagging along for, which will take about a week, my own families vacation to go see the rest of our family for a week, the camping trip I have planned for with Joe and Kyle, and finally I'm going with a bunch of friends for about a two week trip to Italy, so all of those trips will take up about half the summer. So I will probably end up just doing the odd job around my neighborhood and earn whatever money I can."

"Well don't let a busy summer stop you from getting a job." Elizabeth's father said, "I had a busy summer my senior year too, but I was still able to work. And your a light spender like me so you shouldn't have to worry as much about saving money." After he had taken another bite of his food and before I could speak again he said, "Plus I had just met Elizabeth's mom recently before the summer had started, so I had made sure to spend as much time with her as I possibly could." I saw Elizabeth's mother smile a little bit when he said that. Their relationship is a lot like what mine and Elizabeth's is, they both still look at each other when the other isn't looking, smile when the other says their name, and so on. "If your interested I might be able to see if I can get you a simple interns position at my firm, just copying papers and doing coffee runs," he said.

"Well I'll think about it," I said, "But I'm not that interested in working at an office so I don't know."

"Still would be a good experience," Elizabeth said as she gave me a jokingly judgmental look.

"Oh shut up." I responded.

Elizabeth shook her head like she was trying to start a fight, "Make me." This was a running argument we had, we made the other shut up by kissing them, but we couldn't really do that with her parents watching.

"Here, your father and I will clean up and prepare dessert," Elizabeth's mom said, "Why don't you two go outside and rest while we prepare dessert." She stood up and started to reach for my plate.

I quickly stood up and grabbed my own plate, "No don't worry about it Mrs. K, I'll get it." I said.

She still grabbed my plate out of my hands, "No I will not allow it," she said with a smile, I'm not sure what from, "You are our guest, I refuse to let a guest do work around the house, no matter how many times they visit." Her and Elizabeth's father then made their way into the kitchen to start doing the dishes.

Elizabeth then grabbed my hand and stood up, "Come on, lets go outside," she said.

Once I was standing she started to lead the way to their back yard, but before she opened the door and she turned around just smiled at me. I took the hint to lean in and give her a quick kiss before she opened the door and we went outside. The sun was just beginning to set and the temperature was slowly beginning to drop, even though it was nearly the start of summer. We walked down off of her deck and towards the hammock that was tied between two trees in her yard. I kissed her again as we laid down, we couldn't do much because we could still be seen by her parents if they were to look out the kitchen window. When I laid down next to Elizabeth I looked at her with a smile said, "So what's up," I asked.

"Oh, nothing much," she responded. Before she cuddled closer to me she looked over towards the house and smiled, I followed her gaze and saw her parents through the kitchen window. Her mother was doing the dishes as her father came behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Her mother smiled and turned around then gave him a kiss, the two then talked with wide smiles on both of their faces. "They do know that we can see them right?" Elizabeth asked, but the smile on her face showed that she didn't seem to care.

"I don't think they really care," I said with a chuckle, both of Elizabeth's parents weren't afraid to show how much they loved each other in front of others, I had always figured that was were Elizabeth got the same attitude.

"I don't think we would care either if we got married," Elizabeth said.

"If," I said, Elizabeth then started to smile and blushed so that almost her whole face was red, "did you really just say 'if we got married'? You know very well that I have full intentions on marrying you one day." I said.

Elizabeth couldn't even form a response, she was too busy giggling that she couldn't speak. Her and her mom have the same laugh whenever I or her father say anything romantic, it's the thing we each love the most about them, but the one thing they like least about themselves. Once Elizabeth was done giggling she said, "Yea Yea I know," and then leaned in to kiss me. When she leaned back she asked me, "Hey, you wouldn't keep any secrets from me would you?" I could see on her face that it was a serious question, she must have seen one of the guys earlier today and they must have slipped up or something when they were talking to her.

I replied with the best confused voice that I could, "No of course not, why are you asking?"

She closed her eyes for a second which meant that she was truly worried about this, either one of the guys had really slipped up, or she was starting to put the pieces together on her own, "I was talking with Kyle earlier today and he said that maybe one day you would be able to share everything with me. And I was just wondering if he was telling the truth," she said.

I put my hand on the side if her face and partially wrapped my fingers around the back of her head. She smiled slightly and put on her hands on top of mine to feel its warmth and I said, "I'm not keeping an secrets, I promise," which was a lie, " and even if I were, you know I would only do so because it would be to protect you, and telling you would be more dangerous then not telling you. Right?"

She smiled more after hearing my answer, I'm sure she knew that was true and just wanted to hear me say it. "Right," she then leaned in and kissed me again. When we stopped kissing she asked me, "So you ready for next week?" Both of us had been looking forward to our senior prom for awhile and now it was finally around the corner.

I smiled and said, "Yup, Joe, Kyle, and I are going to pick up our tuxedos on Monday after school. And you know the plan for Friday night right?" I asked her, to make sure she hadn't forget it.

"Yes, Kyle and Joe's dates will be getting here to get ready with me, then you boys arrive, we do pictures, limo arrives, then prom." she said.

"Very good," I said simply. She made an obnoxious smiles and emphasized it by making a grinning sound. And before we could get back to just laying down, Elizabeth's father shouted from the house that dessert was ready. Once we managed our way off of the hammock I wrapped my arm around Elizabeth's shoulder and she wrapped her arm around my waist and we made our way back to her house.

Okay now I am sure that you are starting to get very annoyed with me, my chapters have had little action and have done barely anything to with the family, but I need to explain what happened with me and Elizabeth before prom night, because that's where everything changed for us. And don't worry, once we get to prom night, my chapter will have plenty more action, if anything my chapter during prom will have the most action. Till then, enjoy the rest of the story.
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Pazzo Chronicles Story 1: Team 3- A Prom Night to Remember
Chapter 5: A Funny Coincidence

Hey guys, Kyle here, the next part of the story is going to be told by me. Today's Monday and we don't have school because its some grading day for the teachers, so it's been awhile since you guys heard from us. Nothing happened on our side of the family yesterday, but I can't speak for others in the family but that's not our story so I will aviod it. Not much is going to happen today, but you will get a more of an explanation on some of the workings of power in the mafia world. So sit back, and enjoy the story.

"Hey mom I'm just calling to let you know that I'm locking up the house and heading to the mall with Eric and Joe to get our tuxedos." I said as I walked out the house and locking the door. I paused as my mom asked me to make sure the house was locked, "Yes its locked, I just set the alarm and I'm locking the door now. And I will see you later tonight when I get home... Okay love you too." I hung up the phone and started to get into Eric's car.

Once I was in the back seat and closed the door I said, "Okay now does somebody want to explain to me why you added more time to all of our schedules by picking me up, instead of having me drive myself to the mall? I do have my own car you know." For some reason Joe called me last night saying that he and Eric would be picking me up before we go to the mall instead of having me drive separately.

"I don't know," Eric said as he pulled out onto the main road, "Joe called me telling me that we were picking you up and said he would explain on the ride." He then took a quick glance at Joe, "So we're on the road now, you going to explain what this is all about."

"Yup," Joe said, "I needed to talk to you guys in the car because it is about family business and I don't want to risk anyone in the mall overhearing us."

"Makes sense," I said as I leaned up so that I was in between Eric and Joe. "So whats up?"

"You guys heard how Cal and the other members of Team 1 got into a big fight at that party they were at on Saturday right?" Joe asked us.

"Yea I got that message at like three in the morning," Eric said, "You arrived in time to help clean up the after-math right?"

Last Saturday Calvino and his team were at some party that one of them was DJing at. While they were there they got into a fight and it turned into a big battle because their opponents seemed to be from a different mafia family and had their own mafia rings. I wasn't there but Joe had arrived at the party just after the fights were over and helped to make sure that nobody had seen anything and he helped repair parts of the building with his illusions.

"Yea I did. Well originally we thought it was just an isolated incident and these guys were just some powered up thugs with mafia rings." Joe said, "But yesterday Zach, Victoria, and Daniel were at an amusement park and the whole place was cleared out so that some guys could have one-on-one fights with them."

Eric and I both went wide-eyed when Joe said that, "Wait what?" we both said in our shock, "Are you serious?" I asked. "Are they okay?" Eric asked after me. We were both kind of shocked at the fact that the members of team four were attacked. Out of all teams in our family theirs was the least prepared for battle probably. They could all fight well, its just that they received the least amount of training and had been in the least amount of battles.

"Yea they're fine," Joe said, "They won their battles and got some injuries but Victoria was able to heal them back to prime condition. But from what Daniel told me and Cal when we had dinner last night, their opponents seemed to know quite a bit about the family, and Daniel's opponent hinted that he and his team were hired to test their strength, he even mentioned the guys that Cal and his team fought on Saturday."

"So wait," I said, "What does this mean, is somebody hiring hitmen to take us out?"

Eric was doing his best to stay focussed on both the conversation and the road, "Has Cal talked to any of his family back in Italy or even Calvin to see if they can find anything out?" he asked.

"We don't really know anything yet," Joe said, "And Daniel and I had made that same reccomendation to Cal last night, but he made an executive decision to keep this from the family and just ignore it for now. If more teams start getting confronted then Cal's going to call a family meeting so that everyone can discuss it together, rather than having representatives pass on the information to the teams."

"Alright, sounds like a good plan to me," I said, "All we have to do is keep our eyes open and keep prepared in case something happens." I really wanted to not have to worry about a fight breaking out. Our senior prom was this week and none of us wanted to have family business crashing the party. Little did we know though, family business was going to be the party that night.

"I don't know if I fully agree with Cal's decision," Eric said, "I know that we can probably handle this on our own, but that doesn't mean we should. It's probably safer to inform the family, that way they can send us some extra back up." Eric's face showed his seriousness, I'm not sure if it was from driving or the situation. Eric is our teams unofficial leader and was probably one of the best fighters in the family. But even though he was one of the best, he was probably the one who was least willing to fight, he always tried to remain calm and avoid confrontation, which is why he fits into his position in the family the best.

"I know what your saying Eric," Joe said, "Daniel and I didn't fully agree with Cal's decision either. But he's the boss so we need to accept and follow his decision, and think about it this way, Cal made this decision without consulting with Calvin first and he even made it in front of the two of us. That's a pretty big step from waiting till he was at home and sending out a message to all of us."

"Yea I guess your right," Eric said, "Anyway we're here. So lets halt the family talk and get some tuxedos."


Joe looked at himself in the mirror with his tuxedo on, "I don't know what it is," he said, "But there is something about wearing tuxedos that makes me feel like James Bond.

Eric walked out of his changing room with his own tuxedo on, "The names Ristan, Eric Ristan," he joked as he got out and looked at himself in the mirror and we all laughed.

Joe decided to follow in suit, "Team three would like our vanilla shaken, not stirred." he said.

When we stopped laughing I tried to think of some other bond quote to say but I couldn't, "Dang it you guys took all the good ones," I said, "Now there's nothing left for me."  We all laughed and stood looking at ourselves in our respective mirrors.  As I was checking the fit of the tuxedo my glance went over my family ring that I got from Calvino when I joined the family and I realized something. "Hey, did you guys notice how the color of the vests on our tuxedos match the colors of our respective flames?" I asked the guys as I turned around and held up the hand with my ring on it.

The two of them turned around and looked at me with quisitive looks, "Wait seriously?" Eric asked as they walked towards me.

"Yea check it out," I said. I put some energy into my family ring so that my dying will flame became visible. In our generation of the Pazzo family I hold the position of the Flare gaurdian, so my dying will flame is a combination of storm and sun flames. The storm flame alone looks like actual fire with a red core, white middle, and dark red outer layer; sun flames normally have a white center and yellow outside, with little flares the occasionally spark off. My 'Flare' flame is a combination of these two flames, it is a tall thin flame with a red core and a yellow outer layer with a slight tint of red in it, and the flame has small pieces of red and yellow flames that spark off of the main column, with my combination of energy the flame shoots straight out of my ring and glows brightly. "The outer layer matches my vest pretty closely," I said, "you guys check yours out, its looks similar."

Both Eric and Joe pulled their rings out and lit their flames. Joe holds the position of the Aurora guardian, and his flame is comprised of the Thunder and Mist Flames. Thunder flames are the dying will flames that look the least like flames, they take the form of greenish lightning and move freely and changes shape quickly. Mist flames on the other hand have very little physical forms, and they have two types, soft and hard, both are indigo colored, while soft flames are light and mostly a glowing energy, while hard flames are dark and take a fog like form. Joe's 'Aurora' flame is a mix of all three of these flames, it has a light green glow that moves in multiple directions and phases in and out of being a light glow to looking like dust particles dancing in the air. His flame matches almost perfectly with his light green vest.

Eric holds the position of the Maelstrom guardian, and his flame is comprised of Rain and Cloud Flames. Rain flames are a dark blue flame that look more like water then actual fire, their color goes back and forth between dark and light blue like flowing water. Cloud flames are purple free-form flames whose shape carry little resemblence to fire. Their core has a clear dark purple while the outside is a very clear and pale light purple. Eric's 'Maelstrom' flame is a result of what Calvin said is near perfect harmony of its two base flames, it is has a storm cloud like dark blue glow, and the flame seems to spiral around the center of the ring with its color moving back and forth between its dark and light colors. Eric's flame matched pretty closely to his dark blue vest.

"Wow your right," Joe said, "Thats quite the coincidence. If only we could get someone to take a picture."

Eric looked up from the rings and over at a counter, "We can place a phone on that counter and set a timer."

"Alright, lets do it," I said as I went over and placed my phone on the counter. Once I had set the timer I walked back over to the guys. When I was standing next to them I lit flame, "Say family on three. One, two, three." When the picture was taken we all went to take a look at my phone.

"Okay now that is a pretty decent photo." Joe said.

"We are going to look good this Friday," I said as I put the phone away into my pocket.

"Hopefully nothing will happen at Prom that will make us lose the deposit on these tuxedos," Eric said.

Okay so I hoped you liked this part of the story, or at least learned a few things about the family. The next chapter is going to be next Friday, where things start to go down. So look forward to hearing more from the rest of team three.
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Pazzo Chronicles Story 1: Team 3- A Prom Night to Remember
Chapter 6: Prom Night (A.K.A. Hell's Jail Break)
It's Prom night, and Eric, Kyle and I are meeting our dates at Elizabeth's house for pictures before the six of us head downtown to prom. I will skip over the pictures at the beginning of the night and begin my piece of this story at the six of us in the limo on the way to prom. Enjoy the story, because this is the last chapter before we start our big battles and you guys will finally get some action.

As I followed Karen, my date, into the limo the drive shut the door behind us and the two of us sat in the back of the limo facing the Eric and Elizabeth who were on the left, and Kyle and his date Rebecca. Earlier in the week, Kyle had pointed out that our dates' dresses were the same color of our respective Dying Will Flames, and he was not kidding. Karen's dress is a light green color just like my aurora, Rebeccca's dress is a sparkling yellow like Kyle's flare, and Elizabeth's dress is a graceful blue like Eric's maelstrom.

"So now that the parents are gone," Elizabeth said, "Are you guys ready for our Night at the Museum?" she asked.

"As you all probably know the fact that we're in the museum isn't that big of a deal for me," Karen said, "I'm still happy I was able to get us the location but I personally think it would have been nicer to be somewhere different. Karen's father is a curator at the museum that we are having our prom at, and it's thanks to her and her father that the student council was able to get the museum for a low price.

"So where in the museum is prom going to be held?" I asked. Even though Karen wasn't on the student council I figured she would know.

"Its going to be in the main atrium," she said as she pulled her phone out of her purse, "The closest exhibits are going to be history of weaponry, the art exhibit, and the animal safari. But we aren't going to be able to get access to them." I looked at Karen as she texted on her phone. She looked great in dress and with all of her make up. In school I'm pretty good friends with Karen but I don't really think of her as much more then a friend. The main reason we are going together to prom is because we both needed a date so it just worked out that we go together.

During the short moment of silence I looked ove Kyle and Rebecca. I think that their relationship is a lot similar to mine and Karen's, just friends who are going to prom together. But Kyle actually made a big gesture when asking Rebecca to prom, I don't know why but he thought it was necessary.  Rebecca looked up from her phone and said, "Hey did you guys hear about what happened at Anderson High earlier this week?"

Eric, Kyle, and I all exchanged silent glances and didn't say anything. We had heard about the incident, Anderson High is where the members of team four (Richard and James) attend, and the thing that happened was an attack that was aimed at the two of them. They handled the attack but there was more damage down to the school then could be covered up so there had to be some information leaked to the press. "No what happened?" Karen asked.

"Apparently some crazy guys with guns raided the school and almost killed some students and faculty." Rebecca said, "Luckily the cops were able to get snipers set up and killed the men before anyone actually got injured."

That story is only partially true, some crazy guys did raid the school, but the one with the guns was actually James, they are his weapon of chance. And a sniper did take one of the men out, but again that was actually James. Unfortunately some students had gotten information to their parents before Clavin could cover up the information, so he had to work on tweaking the information so that James and Richard weren't mentioned at all.

Elizabeth has a sudden look of worry on her face and she grabbed Eric's arm, "Wait doesn't Richard go to Anderson?" she asked, "You should text him to see if he has any information that isn't in the news."

Eric couldn't help but snicker when she said that and Kyle and I smiled a bit. "Well Richard has a nack for missing all the big stuff so I doubt it," he said, "But I'll text him anyway."

Elizabeth looked at me and Klye who still had small smiles on our faces, "And whats so funny you too?" she asked.

"Nothing.. its nothing," Kyle said buring his face into his phone.

Elizabeth looked at me next, "Joe? You want to explain?" she asked, looking slighlty annoyed with us.
Before responding I straightened my face, "I don't know what your talking about," I said, "Now come on guys, lets not think about what happened at Anderson, lets think about what's going to happen tonight at Prom! Alright?"

Rebecca started to put her phone away, "Alright," she said. Once her phone was put away she looked across the limo at Eric and Elizabeth, "So... Eric, Liz, are the two of you going to be the love birds you are and go find a room to be on your own and have some extra fun tonight?" she asked with a smile on her face as she teased the two of them.

Karen then decided to chime in, "If you guys want I know of plenty of different places that you guys could go where nobody would be able to hear a thing."

Kyle and I couldn't help but chuckle out loud as Eric and Elizabeth's faces both started to become red. Nobody really knew this except for Kyle and I, but even though Eric and Elizabeth can't keep their hands off each other, they haven't gone that far physically. Both of them would like to but they're both a bit too scared, and they also both want the moment to be perfect. And the primary reason for Eric to wait is that he needs to tell Elizabeth about the mafia family before he can, because it's such a big part of his life and he needs to make sure that she can accept and understand that.

After the four of us laughed for a bit I eventually said, "Okay okay, lets leave them alone. They've been tortured enough for now." We all laughed for a bit more and Eric and Elizabeth continued to remain silent for a little longer, but their faces weren't as red as they were before. For the rest of the ride the six of us continued to talk and joke about random topics on our way to the museum.


Eric, Kyle, and I were sitting a table near the dance floor while all of our dates were going to the restroom. "So when do you guys think the attack on us is going to happen?" I asked, "All the other teams have been attacked now but us, so it's probably just a matter of time till an attack comes after us."

"Well for mine and Elizabeth's sake I hope its not tonight," Eric said as he had anoter chicken wing from his plate that he grabbed from the buffet.

"Even if it is tonight we all have our Guardian boxes," Kyle said as he patted his pocket where the Guardian box he got from Calvino was located. He then took a look at the two of us, "We all do have our boxes right?" he double checked.

"Yes, after Juliet and Garret were attacked on their school field trip yesterday we've all kept them on us," I said pulling mine out of my pocket.

As we all looked around I noticed the student council president Harry walking up towards us, "Hey how are the three musketeers doing," he said as he came up on the table, "you guys enjoying prom so far."

"I like to think so," Kyle said as he had some soda, "What about yourself? Where's your date?" he asked.

Harry pointed towards the restrooms, "She's using the restroom. And I'm assuming it's the same for you guys?" he said.

"Yup," Eric said, "We're just waiting around and getting some food before hitting the dance floor again." As Eric looked around he turned to look back at Harry, "Hey when are they announcing prokm king and queen?" he asked.

"Oh yea I heard you have a pretty good chance of winning this year," I said pointing at Harry. As he started to answer I took a sip of my drink and looked around the dance floor.

"Well hopefully I do," Harry said, "You guys all vo---"

Harry was cut off because suddenly all of the power in the museum shut off and the ballroom was suddenly filled with loud shouts from everyone who jumped and was scared by the darkness. Eric, Kyle, and I took no time in jumping into action, as soon as the lights went off we started to move. We tried to get away from everyone so that we didn't attract any more attention then we needed. When the lights came back on we all looked at each other, "You guys felt that too right?" I asked, "that wasn't just a random power outage. I felt a burst of flame energy the second they went off."

Eric looked around and played with his family ring for a second, "Yea I felt it too," he said, "But it felt more like three different flame signatures."

"Well then," Kyle said, "It looks like its time for us to start investigating." He started to flex his arms when three of the large screen that were in the ballroom shut down and then came back on with a different man on each screen.

"Hello students of Garrison High," the one in the middle said, "I hate to interrupt your evening but I have a few announcements to make. First off, don't bother trying to call the police or posting online about the events that are occuring here, we've blocked all calls and internet connection from reaching the building." Once he had said this everyone who had their phones nearby started to pull them out to check if he was telling the truth. The three of us all checked our phones as well just to make sure.

"Welp," Kyle said, "Looks like he wasn't kidding. No signal, no data, nothing." He started to put his phone into his pocket, and was looking worried, "Looks like its our turn to have a party."

The man on the left began to speak after people started to realize that their phones won't work, "We will let you all go free, if you can defeat the three of us in battles. But there is a catch, if you lose there is no garuntee that you will be able to survive." People started to mutter when they heard what he said.

The third man then began to speak, "The three of us are waiting in the three exhibits closest to you. You will have five minutes to decide on the first three people to take us on. Oh, and as an added bonus, there have been cameras set up in the different exhibits and the feeds will be playing on these screens so that you can watch your friends fight for your freedom." The screens then shut off leaving the room with a loud crash of people starting to yell and being to worry about what was going to happen next.

Our class advisor Mr. Hines went and took a micro-phone from the DJ, "Okay everyone lets just calm down. We work this out," he said, "Now if everyone can just keep quiet while me and the other faculty members decide what we are going to do about this.

"I know what we're about to do," I said, "Let's go save the school." I then started to lead Kyle and eric towards the different exhibits. "I'll take the animal exhibit if its alright with you guys," I said as I stopped in front of the exhibit.

"Not a problem, I'll take the art exhibit," Kyle said.

"And I guess that leaves me with the history of weaponry," Eric said.

Before they went towards their own exhibits and I walked into mine, I looked at Kyle and Eric and nodded, "Alright, good luck guys," he said, "see you on the other side." And with that I walked into the animal safair exhibit and the guys walked towards their own exhibits.
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