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 When Sparks Flie!

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PostSubject: When Sparks Flie!   When Sparks Flie! EmptyFri Jul 27, 2012 10:11 pm

Dahlia- Sweet, lovable, shy, quiet Appearance: Long red wavy hair (usually wears a couple small braids in her hair), Green eyes, wears a lot of school looking clothes), Quiet, Brad is her brother, Ethan is her boyfriend, Lucy and Primrose are her best friends, and has a friend named Andrew.

Brad: Cool, Mean, Bossy, Bratty, a little to protective of his sister, and is nice to his girlfriend, but is mean to everybody else but Lucy and Dahlia. Appearance: Black hair, Blue-green eyes, usually wears basket ball shorts and t-shirt or long droopy pants like a gangster, he always put’s hair gel in his hair to spike it up, and always wears sneakers or socks and sandals. Is dating Lucy, hates Ethan, Andrew is his best bud but is still kind of mean to him, He makes fun of Primrose and how she is so rich, But is loving to Lucy and Dahlia.

Lucy: Mysterious, Loving, Likes to baby-sit, Absolutely LOVES to horse-back ride, and Likes to spend quality time with her boyfriend and friends. Appearance: Blonde hair, Brown eyes, wears short-shorts and different kinds of tops (most of the time sleeve-less) and ALWAYS wears high-heals. Is dating Brad, Loves Primrose and Dahlia, Loves Andrew (as her friend)

Primrose: Sassy, rich, Happy and Caring (she also LOVES to draw) Appearance: Dyed her hair a silvery-blue, Has Hazel eyes, wear designer clothes and heals all the time and mostly wears dresses, and love carrying purses around so she can put Cleo in them. She love Dahlia and Lucy, dating Andrew, Is Ethan’s sister, Dislikes Brad, and loves bringing around her Chihuahua Cleo a (sometimes carry’s her around in her purse and dresses her up.)

Ethan: Cool, Loving, Funny and Handsome (every girl at their school always asks him out but they don’t get the picture) Appearance: Brown hair (always has it flat down in a way), Sapphire Blue eyes, Has a smile that’ll make you melt, wears basketball short or jean shorts with random shirts and either wars sneakers or flip-flops. Dislikes Brad, dating Dahlia, Love Primrose (his sister), and Lucy has been his friend forever and is his BFF. He also love hats.

Andrew: Shy, funny, cool, handsome, and Loving. (He loves to play all kinds of different sports.) Appearance: His hair is a Brownish-blackish color (that is kinda shaved kinda not) A warm hot chocolate kind of color, and is usually shirtless (So he can show off his abs) and wear basketball shorts or just his boxers and usually just wears his sneakers. Ethan is his best bud, Primrose is his girlfriend, Lucy is his BFF, Dahlia is super nice and friendly to him, and H like brad but he doesn’t like how he sometimes treats him.

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When Sparks Flie!
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