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 Monochrome Ruins - Info Topic

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PostSubject: Monochrome Ruins - Info Topic   Monochrome Ruins - Info Topic EmptyThu Jun 07, 2012 6:35 pm

Please note that Monochrome Falls is not a dungeon. It is merely a place within Shadowhue Forest. These Pokemon and Items are found only in Monochrome Ruins. The Pokemon and Items for Shadowhue Forest apply also to Monochrome Falls.

Misdreavus (Uncommon)
Graveler (Common)
Onix (Uncommon)
Larvitar (Rare)
Pupitar (Extremely Rare)
Roggenrola and Boldore (Common)
Woobat (Common)
Swoobat (Uncommon)
Mawile (Uncommon)
Sableye (Extremely Rare)
Shuppet (Common)
Unown (Fairly Common)

Apple (Common)
Max Elixer (Common)
Orange Gummi (Uncommon)
Grey Gummi (Uncommon)
Heavy Box (Rare)
TM Rock Slide (Rare)
Dusk Stone (Extremely Rare)
Zinc (Uncommon)
Iron Thorn [5] (Common)
Gravelrock [5] (Common)
Poke (Common)
Blowback Orb (Uncommon)
Reviver Seed (Uncommon)
Pretty Box (Rare)
Stun Seed (Uncommon)
Doom Seed (Extremely Rare)

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Monochrome Ruins - Info Topic
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